Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Today I received a bunch of cards via trade with Shane from otwbbcards.wordpress.com

In the lot I received a stack of Buccaneer cards ranging from old to new. A few 1978 Topps football cards to add to my set, some much needed 1982 Fleer cards and some sweet 1974 Topps baseball cards.
More than enough!
Thank you again Shane

Monday, March 27, 2017


Baseball Cards have always been in and out of my life. As I get back into the hobby that I walked away from in the 90's I now know why I enjoy collecting.
Part of it is the art of the chase, trying to find those elusive cards to complete a set one card at a time. Things are different now, its easier to build a set thanks to the internet. But back when I was a kid the only way to collect was to save my money and buy packs of cards.
It all started with the summer of  1978 buying Topps wax packs at the local Ben Franklin. If I was lucky they might even have some of those packs that had three packs in one.

I was able to complete a set in no time and had a ton of doubles that I could now trade with my friends to build other sets. As the years went on collecting became easier thanks to ads like this in Sporting News and Baseball Digest.

I loved seeing this advertisement! No more buying up packs of cards, just send in your money and bingo a full set. And that is what I did for the 1979, 1980 and 1981 sets. But it took away from the excitement of buying packs of cards which is what I loved to do. Collecting at that point became easy and affordable, no need to waste all my allowance trying to find a certain card.
Which brings me to present day. I have connected with folks from all over thanks to the internet and a web site called Trading Card Database. Now trading cards has become a hobby for me again. I am trying to complete sets that I would have never even dreamed off as a kid. 
I hope that I can keep information flowing on this Blog, posting photos of some of the cards that I have traded for and even showing off some of my memorabilia.