Wednesday, December 21, 2016

1978 Topps Football

I have been obsessed with trying to complete my 1978 Topps Football set, only 55 cards to go!
It is a set that I collected as a kid, but I remember that I use to get them in the hanging foil packs from Ben Franklin, not like this...

or like this.......

This is not one of the better looking Topps sets. It is simple in design with the border and the lack of helmet logos but their will always be the kid in me that needs to have this set. I will always have fond memories of the set.
The lack of beauty on the front is completely made up for on the back of the card with the cartoon, like this winner.

Raymond Chester looks like he might still own a Liquor Store.
Hopefully someone that takes a look at this blog will agree with me on this set.
Please see my want-list for this set, I will gladly make a trade with anyone to help me reach my goal.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

First day of Christmas

This blog is an attempt to show and update objects that I am currently collecting from baseball cards to football cards to any other random objects that I have found and purchased on Ebay or Etsy, adding to my collection from my childhood memories.

I have found that the older I become, the more I have missed some of the simpler things in life. Like buying a pack of cards for fifty cents, seeing things in the Sears or JcPenney's Christmas catalog and tagging them in hopes that Santa would put them under my tree.

So now that I am in my forties and have a tiny bit of extra money I have started to buy some of the items that I have always wanted.

My wife calls me crazy, and she may be right. I like to think of myself as more of a compulsive nostalgic, always dreaming of that card, toy or random sports related object with twelve year old eyes.

So here we go, my first post. In the Spirit of Christmas I give you images from the catalogs.

I currently still have the NFL Helmet Push Pins and did have the Goal Post with Helmets. I am now on a quest to find some goal posts!

Yes! more push pins. And I still have all of my pencils. What a pack rat I am!

Just purchased a Tampa Bay Bucs figure (photos to follow) and I have a later version of NFL Glasses.